Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Winter's Day---

---in a sunny, warm February! Actually, our whole winter has been very mild considering this is Alaska. I think my friends back in Maryland dealt with much more snow than we did this year. Fortunately, it has been going down in the teens at night, but the days have been sunny and in the high 30's. This is April weather. Hopefully, the lakes and rivers will stay frozen for Iditarod on March 6.

But, today, in my little piece of heaven, the dogs were enjoying the sunshine and the chance to nap in it.
                The six dogs who live here...Chena, Pearl, Rosie, Maggie, Jack and Spirit.

Spirit hardly ever sleeps in the sun. He is a "hot" dog and radiates a lot of heat.

Pearl sniffs the warmth.

Chena dozes

Maggie (above) and Rosie (left) soak in the rays.
But don't let their quiet demeanor fool you. In an flash they can be up playing and mouthing off!


  1. What a wonderful life they have and such a gorgeous place to live it.

  2. It sounds like the whole country had a colder and snowier winter than normal EXCEPT Alaska.