Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The lights were dancing this morning!

I've seen the Northern Lights Aurora Borealis a few times since I moved to Alaska. Mostly they have been the green ones. One night I saw red and purple and ran inside to get my camera. Just that quickly they were gone. I awoke around 5 am today and looked out the window because I thought it was getting light outside. Even though the days are getting longer, it shouldn't be light at 5 am. And it wasn't. The lights were out. To the naked eye, they looked more white than green. But to the camera, they looked green. I have not touched up any of these photos. This is what was in the sky. I really needed a fish eye lens to get the whole sky. The lights went from horizon to horizon. I stayed out as long as I could considering I only had PJ's and a light jacket on. LOL. Once I went back in, I watched a bit longer from my bedroom and then they were gone. Click on any photo to get a larger version.
From my bedroom window. Notice the little husky statues?


Directly overhead

from my front yard looking back to the house

Looking the other direction

Back to the house and back yard

last shot out the bedroom window