Thursday, June 6, 2013

My 7 Year Alaska Vacation is Over

I have enjoyed living in Willow, Alaska more than I can explain to you. I moved here to run my recreational team of sled dogs and have experienced great happiness out on the well groomed trails of Willow.
My  team rounding the turn from Maleia to Serenity. Yes, we drive
our teams on the subdivision roads and can access the trails from here. 
Winter Wonderland

But, now it is time to move on. So, for the person, couple or family looking for a nice Alaskan style home, on the grid, 5 star energy rated, 1.32 acres of land, dog lot in place, fabulous greenhouse and more--just look at the photos. Home has three bedrooms, one of which is the master bedroom consisting of two rooms. There is a room in the full basement which I use for a guest room, but it has no windows, so cannot be listed as a bedroom. It is quite cozy.Two bathrooms, one on the main floor with the master bedroom and one upstairs with two bedrooms.
The house in autumn. Notice the brand new roof installed in 2012. The
front yard has a rail fence with turkey wire to keep the dogs inside the yard.
Short driveway, so not too much plowing. Area to right is big
enough for a dog truck.

The two garage is heated with a Toyo stove and has it's own oil tank. You'll be thankful for the heat in winter. The garage also has a new roof. Inside there is a lot of extra room with a work bench, bathroom, dog run-with a dog door to the outside puppy pen and wood shed, and enough space to store an ATV.
puppy pen/wood shed
Automatic doors. Automatic lights have been added
over the doors as well.

The timber frame greenhouse will knock your socks off. I grow corn and tomatoes in here very year!

The dog lot in winter when I housed an Iditarod musher. The new greenhouse can been seen below. A couple posts need to be moved because of snow slide off the greenhouse roof.

The dog lot has 24 posts inside the fence. On the back side are 11 more posts. There are 16 houses available.
The front yard has two posts and houses. There is plenty of room for more posts in the front yard. Some room for additional posts in the back. Back yard has 5 foot chain link fence. Nice for summer if you want to let dogs run around a little while you're out there with them.


The living room/dining room. High birch lined ceiling in the far room with a step down. 

The open kitchen with birch cabinets and high birch ceiling. You will love this floor. No wax, wash with water, almost dog proof for toe nails, looks great!! Gas stove.

Master bedroom is two rooms. When I moved here, the second room had a hot tub in it. That didn't work for me, so I removed it and put in a waterbed. That room has the wall and ceiling lined with tongue and groove --probably pine. Huge picture window so you can lie in bed and watch the northern lights. This is the room I start my corn and tomatoes for the greenhouse in.  Outer room is large. Has a large closet with solid wood sliding doors and smaller closet with solid wood folding doors. As you can see, my dogs all sleep in the house with me. 

Master bath has only a shower. Also rooms the washer and dryer. Dryer is gas. The flooring from the kitchen runs the hallway and into this bath. There is also a heated toilet seat. LOL   The bathroom upstairs has a bath tub.

Vermont Castings wood stove. It is amazing how much heat it puts out. Great back up for the oil furnace--which is only a couple years old. The stone around the stove came from the Jonesville Mine area. It gets very hot and releases warmth long after the fire dies out. The pipe from the unit is double walled. House also has a new air exchanger and a new water softener unit.

Summer is just glorious here. The flowers do extremely well in pots under the windows. The back dog lot is full of fireweed and raspberries!!! You'll love sitting on the front deck with your dogs and enjoying the summer breezes and sunshine.  Yard is full of birch and cottonwood. I removed all the black spruce as they were a fire hazard.

And in the winter, if you're lucky, you will get to see the Northern Lights dance right over your house!!

Interested??? email me: (That's
Serious inquires only.