Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Magnificent Seven

 Some people have emailed to ask how the 2 new dogs from Karen are fitting in with the pack. Well, look for yourself! Other than one decimated feather pillow---you would not believe how many feathers are in a  pillow!---and a disemboweled stuffed bear, nothing has been damaged. All seven ride in the Blazer to the Post Office, which is quite the sight. I love looking outside and seeing them all laying around the yard. Playtime is wonderful. They wear each other out. Of course, a good run with the gig helps too. It's been great fun having this many house dogs!

The seven with Jack---my friend Keith's dog---look in the door waiting to be let in or handed a treat. From left, front line:Chena, Pearl, Nahanni, Rosie. Second row: Spirit, Maggie, Fritter and Jack.
Fritter immediately took to the bear bench--Maggie's favorite spot. HA
Nahanni settled right in as a house dog. She follows me everywhere.
The gang on the deck. Sometimes it's a doggie obstacle course.
Then playtime starts. This is Maggie, Nahanni and Fritter.

Pearl, Fritter and Maggie in a free for all. And then the races begin!
                       Maggie and Fritter are the fastest dogs, but Pearl and Jack do really well too.
                       Pearl and Fritter on a walk about.
We even took one quick run with the gig. Maggie and Pearl in lead, Fritter and Nahanni in wheel. This was a fast run of two miles. WOW!
A quick stop for a drink in a puddle. Maggie laid down in it.

They all look pretty happy!
Back home and back to the bears for Fritter.
I love these dogs!