Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Musk Ox Farm

One of my favorite places to take visitors is the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer. On a chilly, windy day, Mary took Marian, Keith and I on a private tour of the farm. Back story: Mary works in the gift shop of the farm in the summer. She got the job after our friend June, told me about a job on Craigslist asking for a film maker for the farm. Mary helped me make the movie(which you can see in their visitor center), made friends and asked for a job. She's been there for a couple summers now. Anyway, if you knew Mary, you'd think she was a Musk Ox Whisperer. When we got to the farm she yelled to her "babies" and they came running. It was like this at every area we went to visit. The Ox just think of her as Momma Mary. She brought them treats and we all fed them.Some are friendlier than others. Their fur is so warm. I have a hat and a headband made from qivuit and I love it. Very soft! Here are some photos of our day at the farm in winter!
The Musk Ox waiting for us.

When Mary calls they come to the fence.

Mary feeds treats.


Hey Keith, where's my treat??


                                     Marian gives it a try.

They really are quite sweet.

Even the ravens had a hard time with the winds.

Hope to see you at the Musk Ox farm!! Well worth the visit.


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