Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Annual February Snow Slides Off the Garage Roof Fiasco!

It seems each winter we get a warm up of some kind. At least warn enough to make the snow slide off the garage roof. The problem with that is my fenced yard wasn't put in right, so the dogs can climb the snow mound and walk over the fence. Last year, after the second slide they actually climbed on the roof of the garage and went over. BRATS! So, another trench has been dug along the fence. The dogs sit on the remaining mound playing king of the hill. You can just see their little brains working---How can I get out of here??? And there's still more snow to come off.

The girls investigate the trench. Rosie(back to us), Maggie, the flying dog, and Pearl on the mound. Huskies just love to be up high.

Spirit walks the trench trying to figure a way over the fence.

Pearl, Maggie and Spirit take over the mound!

Meanwhile, the birds are really hungry this time of year and attack the sunflower seeds in the feeder.
These are female Pine Grosbeak with the yellow head.


  1. Oh Donna, I know the kids love the mound, but my back screams from just loading our wood stove---let alone digging trenches to keep dogs in !! I love the pictures thouug, and you're right you can really see the wheels turning in their brains.

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