Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010 Fur Rondy Sprint Race

Most of my musher friends run the Iditarod. But there are plenty of sprint mushers around. If I were to race, I think I'd like sprint. Fast trails, nothing to carry in the sled and go home and sleep in your bed at night. LOL! Today was the third round of teams in the Fur Rendezvous World Sled Dog race. Teams run 25 miles each day for three days in a row. I took lots of photos at the crest of Cordova Hill on the trail. These dogs look so happy! Just a few shots.
                 Blayne Streeper's team as he crests Cordova Hill. Blayne is the winner this year!

Blayne does his best, "Look Ma, no hands" imitation as the team heads down Cordova Hill!

A team I was really interested to see, Nils Hahn. I rode with Nils as an Idita-rider in 2001.

Jeff King crests Cordova Hill running a team from Blayne Streeper's kennel. Jeff is usually found on the Iditarod trail. Jeff finished in fourth place overall.
And of course, I can't forget JP Norris. His father Earl started the Fur Rondy race and JP still runs pure bred Siberian Huskies---my favorite! (Below)

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  1. Now that looks like a fun race to watch, too. Love seeing those doggies stretched out and really moving. The Sibes are always smiling.