Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some days are diamonds

Today was a diamond day. Sunny, no wind, temps around a zero. i took my three dog team on a run with my friend Andrea---who just happens to be my vet. She lives on the east side of the Parks Hwy. while I live on the west. I've been in a sled on her side, but never taken my team over there. So, I loaded up and drove the mile to her house. She hooked her four dog team up and we followed them down the trail. Wow---what a hoot. My dogs were jazzed to be chasing another team and they ran full bore for a few miles. We have only run about three and a half miles at a time until today, so after 4 miles or so, my girls were tired. But, they didn't complain and we got back to the house in fine shape. It didn't hurt that Denali was shining in the distance once we got down to the swamp. I guess we'll try this trail again sometime.

Andrea's team with Denali and Foraker in the background.  Just a lovely day to be outside.

Andrea and her team

Maggie, Rosie, me and Pearl taking a break on the swamp trail.

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  1. I am really enjoying reading this, Donna! Sled dogs, lots of snow, moose. I have never seen a moose in person. Quite exotic!

    - Carolyn (Roger's mommy)