Saturday, January 16, 2010


One of the coolest things about living in Alaska is seeing moose. The worst thing is trying not to hit one if they decide to cross the road in front of your car. No doubt what will happen if you hit it. But, for the past few days the dogs have been barking at the fence. I assumed a moose was there, but couldn't see it. This morning, I took my flashlight to the back room window and there, not 10 feet away was a big old moose. I couldn't get a picture of it thru the window, but I'll show you one from last year. This one laid down in the back dog lot. I went through the gate, took a few shots with a long lens, and then asked the moose not to come into the fenced area. I have had problems with the dogs getting over the fence to visit with moose. Not a good idea. Well, that moose came back for several days to nap in the same spot and never came in the dog yard. Pretty cool.

Moose in the backyard.

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