Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rehoming sled dogs

A very disturbing incident happened in British Columbia last year. 100 sled dogs were killed because the tour company using them wasn't making any money from them after the Olympics were over. I'm not going into details here as the whole thing is still under investigation. But, one newspaper reporter gave a load of nonsense about these dogs not being able to be rehomed. I am here to tell you that is total and utter stupidity. To make such a comment destines these dogs to certain death. Six of my seven dogs right now, are rehomed sled dogs. I've had one other, Sissy, who was a retired Iditarod finisher from Karen Ramstead's North Wapiti Kennel. Sis passed several years ago, and I still miss her.

Of the six I have now, 3 came from Karen and are pure bred Siberians. Two came from mushing kennels here in Alaska and one came from a tour operator at Chena Hot Springs resort outside Fairbanks. Chena was on her way to the pound because she was shy and not a good match for a tourist group. She turned out to be one heck of sled dog though. Spirit is the only one I've had since he was a puppy.

People cannot make gross exaggerations about sled dogs. All these dogs needed was to be given a chance to adapt. I love my dogs and cannot imagine life without them.

You can read more about rehomed sled dogs on Karen Ramstead's blog:Rehomed Sled Dogs

Sissy, my first Iditarod finisher from Karen's kennel. She loved sleeping on the sofa. She was a very sweet Siberian and trained the others to pull a sled. I miss her every day.

The "kids" love to hang out in their big fenced yard. They play and walk around and race around!
A game of husky tag is their biggest joy. They are such athletes and so much fun to watch.

Cart training before the snow comes.
Chena naps in the sun.

A husky tune?

Even in the winter, they like to lay in the sun in the snow.

I call them the "Magnificent Seven"

My recreational team-Maggie and Pearl in lead;
Nahanni and Fritter in wheel.
They love to cram into the car and go to the post office each day.


  1. Great post Donna!! And, I just love the post office car:)

  2. And I've been on the post office run, they made room for me to squeeze in. They all love to share a slice of banana from your morning cereal, too. Too bad there are so many uneducated people writing articles for newspapers---they do a worse disservice than the people they are reporting on.

  3. Having a bunch of huskies looks like it would be fun. I live in too warm of an area to really let them live up their potential. When they're all in the car, do you let them just roam or do you have some kind of dog carriers that keeps them out of the front seat?