Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dancing With THE Mountain!

One of the great joys of the past few days has been the outstanding views of Denali. Whether crystal clear or partially clouded over, it never fails to awe and inspire. I get to see the mountain from my camping area at the Veterans Memorial on the Parks Highway. It doesn't matter, early morning sunrise or late evening sunset, the view is simply peaceful and serene.
Denali after sunset from the Veteran's Memorial.
Denali the next morning at sunrise, clouded over.

Some have asked me about my little Scamp travel trailer. It has proven to be perfect for my needs while I work at the Princess Lodge. Here is a photo of it. To the right is the view from the Scamp down to Byers Lake at sunrise. There is a nice five mile hike around the lake. It's a really nice place to camp. The ridge above is called K'esugi  Ridge and there is trail access from Byers Lake. Everything in this post is part of Denali State Park.
My Scamp and the K'esugi Ridge in the background.
Sunsets are a major event here, especially when they look like this!

The main attraction of the Veteran's Memorial is the grotto of pillars and the statue in tribute to Alaska's veterans. It's a nice place to contemplate what our Armed Forces have done for our country.

Always on guard!

From here each morning I drive 14 miles south to the Mt McKinley Princess Lodge. A lovely complex with visitors from all over the world.

The lodge from the overlook.
Alaska Range

Closer views of THE Mountain--Denali!

Even Spirit likes the view!

Above, the McKinley Princess compound from the Hill Trail, with the Alaska Range behind. You can even take a covered wagon ride around the area. The view from one of the overlooks on the Hill Trail below.

I just can't imagine a more picturesque place to work!


  1. Donna, We so enjoyed this part of our drive earlier this summer. The Veteran's Memorial was a wonderful stop for us. Though we had some wonderful views, we sure had nothing compared to what you and Spirit see daily.

  2. It is ALL lovely, simply lovely. But then the "eye" of the photographer is what makes it all come to life! Thanks....

  3. Such beautiful photography - but it makes my heart ache with longing for another visit! But thank you for enabling me to "see" places I haven't been.

  4. ha, I am going to experiment my thought, your post bring me some good ideas, it's truly amazing, thanks.

    - Norman