Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Great Hot Tub Caper

When I bought my home in Willow, one of the selling points was a hot tub room. Now, I never had a hot tub in the house, but I loved the one I had in Maryland on my back deck. I sat out there every night. I saw more stars, meteors, comets and one light display I can't describe or say what it was. Anyway, I had some great times in that hot tub. So, having one in Alaska should be great too!
 The room has a very large window facing where the northern lights dance. The walls are covered in tongue and groove paneling. It's a very cool room. BUT! I've discovered having a hot tub in the house is not my cup of tea. First, despite the fan and windows that open to let out steam, it makes the house damp. When you get out, water is on the floor and regardless of how much you dry off, water is carried through the house. And I didn't care for the smell. So I decided to get rid of the hot tub. That turned out to be tough. The only way to remove it was through the window! I'm not kidding.
So, first I tried to sell it. No takers, even with a really low price. Then I tried giving it away. Everybody wanted it, but when they'd come look at it, knew it would be too hard to move. It does weigh over 800 pounds. Finally, the fourth person I asked said yes and we can do it with no problem.
They used a method called cribbing.
 I never heard of it, but when I saw what they did, knew I had seen it before on houses that were moved. Dad and three teenagers did all the work. It was amazing. A few days before the move, they cribbed the tub as high as the window.

On moving day, my handyman and his assistant took out the big window. Then the family went to work. They built the crib up outside, moved the tub halfway thru the window, moved the blocks from the inside out and pushed the tub the rest of the way through. Then they lowered it on the trailer. Really, it was amazing and done so quickly! As they drove away, the handymen replaced the window. Now to clean the floor and move in my furniture. This is going to be my bedroom.  Can't wait to watch the northern lights this winter.


  1. Very slick maneuver! Enjoy the re-purposed "room with a view".

  2. Wow, it's like your house GREW! I'm more understanding of "cribbing" now that I see your example. Chris "cribbed" our pop up this summer at the campground.
    Really good progressive pictures. Yes, the northern lights will be most cool for you to watch....I wish I could see them some day. I'll have to come visit in the winter.

  3. I agree, the hot tub can be an indoor pain in the neck! Did they lift each corner and insert a new wooden support or did they use jacks? Wonder how the hot tub got indoors in the first place? That picture window was in the right place! That will make a great bedroom. Dave in NC

  4. Gosh Donna, What a dream addition this Northern Lights view this will add to your already perfect place in Alaska. Now I understand your willingness to move all of that furniture !!! Great pictures, thanks.