Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The longest day of the year in terms of daylight hours was yesterday. While further north in Alaska the sun will not set, here in Willow it did dip below the horizon just after midnight. I can't say when it came back up as the storm clouds had rolled in and it was raining. But I ventured out around 11:30 to find these shots in and around Willow. For those who have been to Alaska for the Iditarod restart, the lake in the photos is Willow Lake where the restart happens. Looks kind of different now! It was a lovely evening out there too. A mama duck and about 12 ducklings swam by and the loons were out there too, diving for fishing and calling.  Just really a serene setting. All photos were taken between 11:30 pm and midnight. None have been adjusted for contrast or color. What you see is what the camera saw.

From the road leaving my subdivision, looking north to the Alaska range. It's about 11:30 pm.

From the view spot in Willow along the Parks Highway, across from the hardware store. A few drops of rain were falling now.

The same view spot, looking south towards Wasilla. (right) Zoomed into the sunset below.

The next few shots are from behind the Community Center looking over Willow Lake. About 11:45 pm.

Leaving the Community Center, it looks like the sun is almost gone. A few minutes before midnight.
But as I turned back into my road, with rain on my windshield, I could still see light behind the Alaska Range. Midnight!


  1. Wow, all were wonderful pictures but I love the one behind the commmunity center with the pine tree in it - awesome!!!!!!!!


  2. Beautiful! What fun to see Willow at midnight on the longest day - thanks for sharing your late-night adventure!

  3. The shot behind the Community Center is my favorite too. I sure looks different than the day of the restart. Beautiful as always.

  4. As always, AWESOME photos, Donna

  5. Thanks folks. It really pleases me when you guys like the pictures. :)

  6. Just able to log on and see your blog, Donna. Beautiful does not begin to cover the photos. We were down the Klondike Highway at Fox Lake, not that far out of Whitehorse. It was amazing how much light we lost so q2uickly as we headed south. Where we weren't experiencing dark, but dusk in your country we were beginning to get some dark as we went.
    Wonderful photos as always.
    Marlene, mlg