Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring In Alaska

Since the wind down of March Madness, life is slowly returning to normal...and speeding up.April brings more sunlight hours to Alaska. It's light out now until almost 10 pm. The snow is quickly leaving us, even if we did get a few inches over night a few nights ago.
The snow didn't stay around long the next day with temperatures routinely above freezing in the daytime and mostly going in the high 40's.

The dogs have been staying outside more and more laying in the sun. We've been taking more walks. Of course, they still like to come inside and play with their stuffed toys. They all like the bear!
Chena, Jack and Maggie take turns with the bear---who is slowly losing body parts. Oh dear!

The birds are pretty hungry at the feeder lately too. By the end of April I will have to stop feeding them as the bears will be waking up. Bears love bird seed and I really don't want a bear in my yard.

A little chickadee waits to hit the feeder.

The best part are the amazing sunsets that still happen. Something new every day. I love it.

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  1. Very cool. Spring in Alaska---one day my ass will get there!!!! Great pictures of the pooches and the bear that hangs on to the last semblance of a life as a stuffed animal! :) Thanks again for the trip invite to Canada---would have been nice...